The purpose, objectives and goal of Main Street Muskogee, Inc. might best be compared to a three-legged-stool comparison.

1)  The first critical leg is the revitalizing and transformation of downtown Muskogee by preserving and promoting our historic district as the economic and cultural heart of our city.  In short, return the heart and soul of our community to it's rightful location - downtown.

2)  The second critical leg is to to create a stream of unique events with the purpose of drawing overnight visitors and tourists from the entire region to experience the uniqueness of not only downtown, but the entire community of Muskogee, OK.

3) The third critical leg of our mission is to further promote the education and understanding of each of us as to the importance of shopping and spending hyper-locally is to our economic survival. Gone are the days where communities can let their local revenue slip away, they must pull out all the stops and keep as many of the local spendable dollars, local!

We invite you to be a part of our journey! Millions have been and millions more are being invested into our historic downtown. We have hundreds of volunteer hours being expended each month along with thousands more invested in promoting our downtown and our city.


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